Duties —
I created a series of guidelines to help design a brand that was unique to the Solve for Wh(y) event, while also honoring the existing brand guide established by TEDx. I wrote the marketing plan for the event and managed the production of the event website. To increase event attendance there was a marketing campaign on social media and around the Amherst, Massachusetts area. I designed and wrote the copy for the posters advertising the event. I also designed speaker and team member announcement graphics for social media posts. 


Primary Event Graphics
Left The TEDxAmherst, Solve for Wh(y) event logo. What was originally supposed to be a 100 person event, soared in popularity thanks in part to the team's advertising efforts, first becoming a 250 person event, and until it ballooned into a 500 person event.
Right The "y=" motion graphic for the event—created using Cinema 4D and Vray.


Advertising Collateral 
Above The major design breakthrough came from cheeky copy written for the posters which personified "Ted". This improved relatability and associated the event with being fun, and exciting. I was startled how this infectious "Ted" identity not only caught on with students but also with professors, parents. It even became a gag within the organizing team.


Brand Guidelines, TEDxAmherst
Above The Solve for Wh(y) style aligns with the TEDx general guidelines. The event's color scheme informed the stage design.


Event Space
Above Speaker view of the auditorium. (Photo Credit © 2019 Rohan Mudgal)


Branded Materials from TEDxAmherst, Solve for Wh(y)
• I was responsible for designing posters, social media graphics, admission badges, tote bags, schedules, and wayfinding posters for the day of the event.
 Above, Left Tiered event badges were customized for attendees, speakers, volunteers, VIPS, and core team members. (Photo Credit © 2019 Rohan Mudgal)
 Above, Right Main auditorium seats with tote bags draped over them. (Photo Credit © 2019 Rohan Mudgal)
• Below, Left Peering into the auditorium's vestibule. (Photo Credit © 2019 Rohan Mudgal)
• Below, Right Aerial view of the auditorium's interior. (Photo Credit © 2019 Rohan Mudgal)


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