Duties —
Designed skyboxes and sports story infographics for the collegiate newspaper. Rebranded the newspaper and created front page special issue cover graphics. I worked directly with advertising clients to design advertisements. I created social media motion graphics. Managed 6 designers and instructed them on design software and principles. I made multilingual graphic design content for the Translations department. The Advertising Manager and I wrote an advertising guide, to make the process of buying newspaper ads less headache-inducing.


Newspaper Special Issue Covers
• A selection of six front cover graphics without any copy added.


Left and Right I created moving and static advertisements for the Massachusetts Daily Collegian.
Center During this time, I teamed up with the Advertising Manager to start an in-house advertising business to increase the advertising revenue. 


Massachusetts Daily Collegian Rebranding Guide
 Left Together the Editor in Chief, Managing Editor, Web Production Manager, Business Manager, and I redesigned the Massachusetts Daily Collegian logo. We also updated the website's typography to improve readability.
• Right "Your Voice. Your Language. Your Newspaper.," translated into Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Russian, and Japanese. A series of posters aimed at recruiting international students for the Translations department.


Selection of Newspaper Skyboxes
Left Three skyboxes for the Arts & Living department.
Right Three skyboxes for the Sports department.
• In my four years at the Massachusetts Daily Collegian, I designed 125 skyboxes for the newspaper.


Additional Graphics
Left When The Massachusetts Daily Collegian decided to transition to digital, I happily made the leap. I soon discovered that a minimalist design approach was suitable for this medium.
Right With each sports special issue, I was tasked with creating infographics for UMass Amherst players and teams.

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