Fitchburg Art Museum (FAM)

Freelance Designer (August 2021 - March 2022)
Marketing and Design Intern (May 2021 - August 2021)

Primary Collaborators: 
Rebecca Wright, Vanessa De Zorzi, Christian Lopez, Lauren Szumita, Marjorie Rawle, 
Dr. Nick Capasso, Laura Howick, the photographer Ruben Natal-San Miguel,
Timothy C. Johnson, and Jessie Olson.

Freelance Designer Duties —
The Deputy Director (DEPDIR) for Advancement and Administration and the Museum Director helped me design the 2021 Annual Report. I collaborated with the DEPDIR for Advancement and Administration, Marketing Manager, Curator, and Terrana Assistant Curator to design 3 flyers, 2 editorial graphics, 5 animations, and 1 postcard mailer to promote upcoming events at FAM. I tightened design unity across print and digital channels, by creating an aesthetic ecosystem with consistent motifs and colors. I edited six videos: three videos for the FAM's YouTube channel and three videos for FAM's Annual Meeting. I updated 4 web pages and created 3 new web pages on the FAM website. Together the new Marketing Manager and I broadened the #MondayMotivation Twitter campaign to encompass Instagram and Facebook. In addition to doing freelance graphic and web design, I wrote and applied for forty Local Cultural Council grants. Currently, I work with all FAM department heads and staff, directly with artists, printers, and local government officials. 

Internship Duties —
I collaborated with the Marketing Manager to (1) create a campaign proposal and (2) design advertising collateral for an intermodal transit center and city bus. With help from the Marketing Manager, I designed the 2022 Calendar. I helped start two social media campaigns. I designed two web pages for FAM: one for the video lecture series Art Matters and one for eight photogrammetry scans of African and Oceanic art. Based on the Marketing Manager's input, I created 6 social media motion graphics using Cinema 4D and Redshift. I collaborated with the Director of Education to design three large Learning Lounge graphics and five labels. The Membership and Events Manager and Building Supervisor helped me produce a detailed plan of the Museum's interior spaces and grounds. 


Spotify Music Playlist Campaign
• Offering museum-goers an alternative way to engage with museum art before and after visiting. 
• An attempt to further tap into the 18-24-year-old demographic.
• Utilized the #FAMFEELS hashtag to create a stream of connected posts.
• The Spotify code on each playlist post is scannable and directs users to each respective playlist.
Right The Vitruvian Man's Buff Brother. An enlarged cover graphic for a FAM's playlist titled Thurston. The playlist tracks and the rendered 3D model are based on Douglas Kornfeld's sculpture, Thurston.
Sculpture credit: Douglas Kornfeld (US American, b. 1955), Thurston, 2015, epoxy painted steel.

 • Bottom Row The Moving Objects playlist artwork credit: Face Mask (20th century) by indigenous artist or workshop, Kru or Grebo people. The Discover Ancient Egypt playlist artwork credit: Figurine Of Horus (Egyptian New Kingdom, probably 19th Dynasty). Both photogrammetry scans are by Timothy C. Johnson.


Instagram Story Campaign
Above Created three kinetic typography motion graphics for three permanent Instagram story covers: Welcome/Bienvenida, Exhibitions/Exposiciones, and Programs/Programas. 
• This campaign strengthens FAM's brand continuity on Instagram, by using the brand's existing color palette and typography.


Fitchburg Art Museum Map with Floor Plans and Landscaping
Above Modified an existing map of FAM to include the courtyard and the exterior sprinkler system. The floor plans of the Museum were reorganized according to traditional floor plan conventions. I also incorporated a scale to add clarity to the set of plans.

#MondayMotivation for Twitter 
Above This campaign highlights quotes from artists whose work is on view at FAM.
• #MondayMotivation is another social media campaign that seeks to establish regularity and rhythm in the content posted.

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