The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS), UMass Amherst Chapter

Graphics Coordinator (August 2017 - March 2019)

Primary Collaborators:
Kevin McManus and Steven Paquette.

Duties —
I first rebranded the college’s AIAS chapter logo. I then designed a series of
vibrant print and digital posters to boost the AIAS chapter’s recognition and to
increase hype for guest lectures, workshops, tours, and parties.


Fall Semester 2017 Poster Campaign
Above This poster design took inspiration from Saul Bass’ North by Northwest title credit sequence, as well as Susan Alinsangan’s iPod silhouette poster series.
Above and Below These well-received event posters use hierarchy and a grid layout to create a cohesive and flexible visual narrative. 


AIAS UMass Amherst Logo Rebrand, Before-and-After 
• By cutting down on the mouthful that was "American Institute of Architecture Students, University of Massachusetts Amherst," students and faculty could recall the chapter name easier. 


The Anatomy of AIAS UMass Amherst Posters (from 2018) 
• Established a flexible, unified style for AIAS UMass Amherst posters to improve brand continuity.
Above and Below Used the coding program, Processing, to pixel sort and create glitchy image effects.


Fall 2018 UMass Amherst Poster Series
Above An assortment of posters that continue to use the flexible style introduced in the Spring 2018 poster series.

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